Monday, December 15, 2008

Growing Pains

I was planning on coming in this morning and penning a post about how ridiculous, how truly beyond disappointing, the Kanye performance on SNL was. It was baffling. But then I saw the fine folks at the Vulture blog beat me to the punch:
Standing in front of a huge plasma screen that made him look like Coldplay's iTunes commercial, he dispensed with the Auto-Tune, improvised new lyrics for "Heartless," and generally sang in a way that would turn even the most well-behaved household pet into an ungovernable killer.
Surf on over there for a clip, if you must. I don't hate the album, but if this is Kanye's new sound (turns out that 808s & Heartbreak is NOT an elaborate practical joke, as I originally assumed), he needs to find a new approach to the live performance.

Kanye Responsible for Funniest SNL Moment in Weeks

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