Monday, February 2, 2009

Prince Launches New Website, U R Welcome

Last night, two very important things happened. One, a puppy got a boner during Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl V and had to be taken off the field. Two, Prince launched his new website, He threw some kind of intimate soirée which involved Anita Baker, a Kat Williams impression, fantastic covers during his (until the wee hours of 3am) performance (Sly & The Family Stone, Mary J. Blige, the Rolling Stones, Rick James) and apparently, shoes that emitted a red light with each step the Purple One took. After I got over my initial shock that I had NOT been invited, I was delighted to find that there are three new songs streaming on this site, and one of them, "Another Boy," is positively sublime. I need to know who the woman singing is. She's great. A new protégé perhaps? This song is so classic and straightforward Prince. It's like what Apollonia would've sang in Purple Rain if she hadn't gotten pimped out by Morris and blown it entirely with "Sex Shooter."

Live at Prince’s mansion: Everything but the pancakes
[Pop & Hiss]

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