Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Supavillain

MF Doom's new record, Born Like This, dropped earlier this week. eMusic, always towing the line between online download store and valid online music magazine, celebrates with A User's Guide to the Doomography. It's pretty comprehensive, hitting the high points of the pre-Doom days as well as his later work behind the mask.

As for Born Like This, I'm still on my first listen, but so far, so good. One track on there is "Ballskin," which was also on producer Jake One's White Van Music, while "Batty Boys" is either completely offensive or a nod of sympathy to the gay community. Actually, I'm pretty sure it's both (he's a uniter, not a divider). Meanwhile, "That's That" is driven by a violin sample, dotted with handclaps and the usual comic book sound effects. And on "Supervillainz," MF takes on the autotune with all the seriousness you'd expect, which is to say none. And of course we get further teased over the forever-in-the-works Doom/Ghostface album with a track featuring Tony Starks himself. In two words: cop it.

A User's Guide to the DOOMography [eMusic Essentials]
MF Doom's Born Like This [eMusic]

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