Thursday, May 7, 2009

David Byrne Has Something To Say

David Byrne, who's been blogging on his website since before 'blog' was even a word, posted some thoughts on Dark Was The Night: Live, and it's obviously more interesting than what I had to say. He sounds quite energized by the current state of indie rock. Sounds like he had fun:
Maybe it’s the headiness of being surrounded by so many creative folks, but it seems that popular music — some of it anyway — might be going through one of its periodic peaks. It also seems that rock music, or some sizable branch of it, has evolved from being a throwaway piece of merchandise for teens to a respectable art form. The transformation, made in fits and starts over many decades, seems more or less complete.
Click on over there for the rest.

05.05.09: New York -- Cinco de Mayo [david byrne journal]

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