Saturday, December 5, 2009

You Should Be Here: Raphael Saadiq, Terminal 5, NYC, 12.4.09

Top ten personal epiphanies that occurred during last night's show (in no particular order):

10. This performance is the closest thing to a Motown revue I will ever witness, Cholly Atkins' routines, in the pocket drumming and immaculate salmon colored suits included

9. The subtle subconscious ramifications of an outfit change cannot be ignored, especially if said salmon colored suit is involved

8. Raphael Saadiq may just have a 100% flawless career, starting with his tenure playing bass for Prince and Sheila E. at the age of 17

7. I have not felt this hormonally jubilant since a Tyrese show at the Chicago House of Blues circa 1998

6. 43 is the new 23

5. Nothing, and I mean nothing, is sexier than rolled up shirt sleeves*

4. Fashion glasses don't bother me if they are replicas of David Ruffin's

3. I still wish Lucy Pearl would reunite

2. After all these years, "Anniversary" still makes my heart flutter

1. I don't care how many times I hear the line "I got more than just a big stick and some money" I still believe it is pure poetry

*with the exception of the shirt sleeves being pushed up in order to better play a bass, and play it well. Very well.

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