Wednesday, April 8, 2009

From Rhymefest, to You: The Manual

the_manual_front.jpgIt's looking like we're never going to see Rhymefest's long time coming LP El Che, which is a major bummer. I can only watch this video in anticipation so many times before it creeps up on me that it was posted almost two years ago.

But, good news! Rhymefest's new mixtape, The Manual, hit the internet this week, and while I haven't listened to it yet, I implore you to cop it from Fest's MySpace. Okayplayer promises "Fest rhymes over reworked versions of some golden era classics," something he's particularly well suited to do. And the tracklist features a three part "Native Tongue Medley," the prospect of which has me salivating on the keyboard. My hopes are high, especially after the man's previous mixtape turned out to be the best hip-hop album of 2008.

Rhymefest and Scram Jones present The Manual [free download at MySpace]
Rhymefest - The Manual [okayplayer]
Rhymefest w/ the Fresh Prince's Jazzy Jeff [YouTube]

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