Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Los Campesinos!, Sound Fix, Brooklyn, 1.14.09

"How's this one begin, again?"
And with that, the feedback grew and Los Campesinos! started into "All Your Keyfabe Friends," the closing track from We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed, their latest LP. That same kind of fly by the seat of their pants attitude is infectious on both of their albums and was in full force last night at the band's brief set at Sound Fix in Williamsburg. The band played what seemed like a setlist comprised of all my favorite songs by the band, serving as a delightful taste of what's in store on the band's upcoming tour (they'll be back in NYC 2/14-15). Without violinist Adele Campesino, the band was slightly handicapped but no less energetic for the wear; it took a song for them to warm up but from there, they whipped the room into a frenzy (also, I don't know how they would've fit another person on that already cramped stage). And then, before we knew it, "this is our last song, because they told us to only play like four, and we haven't learned the rest without violin yet," Gareth Campesino announced before the slow burning intro to "You! Me! Dancing!" The closer seemed to come just as the party was getting started, but it was hard to complain as this concert was one of the most pleasant (and free!) surprises I've had in a long time. All that, and I got home by 9pm sharp.

Los Campesinos! [myspace]
We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed [eMusic]
Photo Credit: brooklynvegan

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