Friday, January 9, 2009

Year End Lists: We Just Can't Get Enough of Partie Traumatic

Just kidding! Alright, you know the drill. Below are our picks for the 6th best album of the year. Let us know why they make you angry, in the comments.

Ben's pick:
6. Frightened Rabbit - The Midnight Organ Fight
A bummer of a record in the best possible way from this Scottish four piece. More of a breakdown album than a breakup album (though you could make a case for both), singer Scott Hutchison lures you in with lyrics that cut like a knife, like this line from "Keep Yourself Warm": "It takes more than fucking someone you don't know to keep warm/ Do you really think that for a house beat you'll find love in a hole?" The best part is this album's truly a grower; come for the anxiety laced story, stay for the music, which is raw, tight, and incredibly well produced (see also Liver! Lung! FR!, the live version released in late 2008). Last but not least, this album is perfectly paced, sucking you in at the first track with "The Modern Leper" and refusing to let you go.

Isabelle's pick:
6. 88-Keys - The Death of Adam
A punani concept album? That isn't offensive? And also fantastic? Seems too good to be true. However, producer extraordinaire 88-Keys didn't want to release just any solo record, and as a result, pulled off the unthinkable: a cohesive, fun, entertaining and above all, thought provoking story. With excellent cameos from BFFs Kanye West, Bilal, J*Davey, Phonte of Little Brother and Redman, this album is one of the greatest hip-hop records to come out in a dog's age.

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