Tuesday, January 27, 2009

That's What I'm Talking About: Lil' Wayne

So, Lil' Wayne is releasing a recalibration (or something) of Tha Carter III, and he's also releasing a rock album. Turns out these two albums are one in the same, and Weezy is calling the project Rebirth. Terrible idea? No, not at all! Although, yeah, the album could still be incredibly disappointing.

Still, I have to give major props to Lil' Wayne. I wasn't blown away by Carter III, but as you know I am all for any mainstream artist crossing over or bleeding into genres outside their scene. Mix it up for mixing it up's sake, na mean? Kanye's big experiment is, well, not as terrible as it sounded at first. Expectations aside, at least 'Ye has tricked a lot of people who claim they only like hip-hop into listening to something synthy and '80s and heartfelt. Same for this new Weezy project: I like where he was going on Carter III with the whole Sun Ra/Funkadelic/Bowie "I'm an alien" vibe, but I don't think the music on his record actually backed up any of that weirdness. Here's hoping Rebirth is experimental enough to finally deliver on those expectations.

And then there's the fact that the man has a work ethic unparalleled in today's music industry (furthermore in hip-hop its practically a miracle of science). You know this is going to be out sooner than Detox, and Dre's been working on that for a decade now.

Finally, here is a picture Idolator ran last week of Weezy standing next to Katie Couric, holding a green bowling ball:

You're welcome.

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